Tower Hamlets Equalities Hub

The Equalities Hub is key to the new direction for the Council’s equalities provision, providing a central strategic focus, responding to the community’s needs and issues.  
The Hub will be vital to bringing about a more coordinated approach to equalities in the borough.

Hub Planning Principles

Inclusion – planning ahead and pacing activities so there is scope to input into plans and involve Network members  

Adding Value – not duplicating what the Networks do but complementing, supporting and helping coordinate to amplify and maximise impact. 

Promoting Cohesion – focus on equalities issues that impact across communities and where there is value in combining efforts.


Tower Hamlets Equalities Hub is a partnership between Tower Hamlets CVS and Healthwatch Tower Hamlets and funded by Tower Hamlets Council

If you want to find out more on hot to get involved or if you have information you would like to share with the networks please get in touch.